Thursday, December 15, 2011

14 miles and I'm off!

Hello blogworld,

This is going to be a quick post, but I have some things to share with you all.

First off, I think I figured out the solution to my running rut. I joined a local women's fitness center that focuses on functional strength, resistant training, and circuits. I'm not sure if I'll be a lifelong member just because it's pretty pricey. I was able to snag a good deal for a month, though, because they have this introductory trial offer going on. My membership includes unlimited use of the facilities, unlimited small group training sessions, a fitness consultation, and three free personal training sessions.

I love suspension training! 

I've gone to a few sessions already, and I love it!

I was actually planning on going today.

My plan was to pop out for a quick three mile run and then go to one of the easier circuit classes the fitness center offers. They offer two different kinds of classes. Both are circuit based, but one moves a lot quicker and has a lot more circuits. The easier one has less circuits and more rest time. Both sessions end with a good foam rolling session. Let me just say, I love the foam roller already!

Anyways, I set off on my run this morning, intending to do three miles. I didn't bring my garmin with me because it's been acting funny lately, and sometimes I don't like wearing it because it makes me feel pressure to keep my pace up.

About twenty five minutes into my run, I decided I wanted to keep running.

So I did.

And then I ran some more.

And some more.

By this time, I knew I wasn't going to go to the class. I would be cutting it close time wise and probably exhausted by the time I got there.

So I kept running.

I took the long road. 

I toyed with the idea in my head of running farther that I ever have before.

I didn't have my garmin, but I ran for about 2 hours and 15 minutes!

I'm guessing I ran over 14 miles. Maybe even 15.

The longest I had run prior to this was 13.1 for my half marathon.

Go me!

I have to say I'm feeling a little blah right now because I didn't have any fuel with me on my run. (I wasn't planning on running that long).

I'm going to go shower, eat lunch (a big one), finish packing, do a bit of shopping and then leave for this place.........

Vegas baby!!!!!

My friend and I are also hitting up some other places, but you'll just have to wait until I get back to find out where : )

What's the farthest you've ever ran?
Do you ever turn a run into a long run on a whim!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Running Rut

Hey everybody! How is everyone?

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit and surviving finals or the final days of work before the holidays!

Despite all the stress of exams, getting ready for my trip to Vegas, and prepping for student teaching, I'm definitely getting into the holiday spirit.

Holiday music is blasting from my car's speakers pretty much whenever I'm driving. It drives my friends insane. I love it, though!

I love the holidays!

Anyways, today I just wanted to quickly talk about how I feel like I'm in a rut with running.

A picture of me from my half marathon

It is well known that running is my go to sport. Running is my exercise form of choice.

I love pounding the pavement, breathing in the early morning air, losing myself in the beat of the music, getting into a rhythm, and enjoying the famous runner's high.

As much as I love running, though, I know it can't be the only form of exercise I participate in. Running everyday burns a person out and doesn't work all of the muscles.

This summer, I had a great relationship with running. I would run about four days a week, weight lift two, and go on a bike ride or rest a day, while occasionally going on a long hike. I was also busy running around with kiddos at summer camp all day long. Although I was very active, I mixed up my exercise activities, never felt burnt out, or in a rut of sorts.

However, since the weather has gotten colder, I find myself running about six days a week. I also do Bikram Yoga about once a week or once every other week.

For example, here is a look at my activity over the past week and a half:

Wednesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: 90 minute Bikram yoga
Friday: 10 mile run
Saturday: 4 mile run with my puppy!
Sunday: 3 mile run
Monday: 6 mile run
Tuesday: 4 mil run
Wednesday: 4 mile run
Thursday (today): 11 mile run

I know I need to change this up, but I'm not sure how. I used to belong to a gym, but with my busy schedule, I had a hard time making time to go or just motivating myself to go. I can use my school's gym, but during the school year, it is always way too crowded, and during breaks, it has very limited hours.

I'm not really sure where I am going here, but I just thought that maybe admitting to myself on this blog that I'm running too much and doing too little cross training and weight lifting is a step in the right direction. I also know I need to force myself to take rest days as well. Tuesdays are usually my rest days, but my schedule has been a little bit different lately, so I haven't been sticking to resting on these days.

Okay, well I'm off to refuel after my long run, head to work, and then finish up a research paper.

One week until Vegas!

How do you get out of a running rut? 
Do you love the holidays?
How do you force yourself to take rest days? 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Learning to Love Alone Time

Before I delve into this post, I wanted to mention the snow. Snow?!?!? Yes, snow. I really shouldn't be that surprised seeing that I live in New England after all, but this morning, I woke up to about six inches of white stuff on the ground. Yuck.

I had planned to go for a run, but I guess an a quick home work out will have to do. Usually, I join a local gym for the winter, but I haven't done so yet. When it's nice out, I spend a majority of my days exercising outside in the beautiful air. And, on the occasional day, I'll use the school gym. However, seeing that it is school break, the gym is One positive thing positive about this snow is that it is teaching me to be flexible. Flexibility is key in life! I did a 10 mile run on Monday and a recovery run yesterday. I really don't even need to run today.

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about being in spending time by yourself. To be honest, I hate to spend time alone. There was a time in my life (just a few years back) when I craved alone time. I would cancel plans, lie about plans, and not make plans just so I could spend hours by myself of with close family members. Why you ask...? Well, because I was in the depths of my eating disorder. Since then, I've realized that Ed was the one who wanted the alone time. He wanted me to be alone, so I could have complete control over my food choices and I didn't have to deal with anything outside of my control.

For the past couple years that I have been recovering, I've hated alone time. My mind shift has taken a complete 180 degree spin. I now try to avoid alone time because I associate it with Ed. I plan my day, so I see people often and only have short periods of time to myself. Although it's good that I'm so social, it makes for a pretty hectic life sometimes. And the truth is, you can't avoid time with yourself.

Take today for instance, I really have nothing to do this morning, and seeing that it's super snowy outside, I probably won't venture far from myself. My brain immediately tries to send me into a panic. ALONE!?!?! What are you going to do with a whole morning to yourself??!? One thing I've learned, though, is that alone time is okay and even necessary. Although I hate being by myself, I need to spend time by myself sometimes and learn that Ed can't get me.

So, I believe I'm going to spend the morning relaxing by myself, do a quick home workout, maybe go to barnes and noble with a friend, and then spend the evening out to dinner with the family, and shopping for tomorrow's turkey day feast!

Do you enjoy alone time? 
Any big plans for Thanksgiving? 
Any good at home workouts? 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Upcoming Excitement!

Hi everyone,

I don't have time to do a super long post, but I just wanted to let you know about two big updates in my life.

Well, actually I don't have huge updates, but I have two very exciting things planned for the next few months!

Next month, I'm going to Vegas with one of my best friends.

Don't worry, I won't be gambling. I just want to see the sights!

We decided we wanted to go somewhere over winter break, and Vegas's low price tag made it a winner.


I signed up for my second half marathon.

In february, I'll be heading to Florida with my mom to participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon!!!!

I'm so excited to run with the princesses.

Although traveling pushes me out of my comfort zone and causes me some anxiety, I love going new places, experiencing new things, and setting new goals for myself. I can't wait to tell you about both of these adventures.

Any exciting plans in your near future?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Exceeding Expectations

I just finished my first half marathon!

Not only did I finish and meet my goal, I demolished it.

Let me preface this by saying, I'm really not that fast of a runner. I love to run, and I love following all the bloggers who are crazy fast, but on a regular day, my splits tend to be in the mid 9:30s, especially on a distance run. On short runs and races, I can usually get my splits into the mid 8:00s, but I'm pushing it.

Given my turtle speed as a runner, I was hoping to finish the marathon somewhere in between 2:05-2:10. The course, although beautiful, was super hilly, so I wanted to give myself some extra time to get up those hills.

At the start of the race today, I tried to pace myself. In shorter races, I usually go out too fast and end up being winded by the end of the race. Although I usually feel like I want to collapse towards the end, I can push through because in  a 5k and 10k, if you are feeling breathless half way through, you only have 1.5-3 miles left to go. In a half marathon, though, if I you go out to fast in the first few miles, you have ummmm....10 miles left!

Despite my best efforts to keep my pace under control, I got caught up in the wave of runners, and my first split was around 8:40. I tried to pace myself over the next few miles, but my legs wouldn't let me. No matter how much I tried to control my pace, my splits kept hovering between 8:00-8:50.

Although I was worried I would burn out, I DIDN"T!!!!

I finished my first half marathon in 1:52 minutes! (That's my unofficial time; I'll update you all with the official time once it's posted.

More pictures to come soon!!!

I'm so happy I pushed myself so hard in my training and was able to excel in my race!

What made the race even better was the fact that not only my parents but my three best friends were there to cheer me on!

I think I've caught the half marathon bug! I'm ready for my next!!

Do you ever exceed your expectations?
How was your weekend?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Music!!!

Hello blog world,

I'm just popping in quickly because...well....


Like seriously......

I just found out the half marathon I'm running this weekend doesn't allow the use of earbuds.

How am I supposed to run 13.1 miles without music?

I always run with music. It pushes me. It motivates me. It allows me to zone out.

Okay, I'll stop complaining and suck it up.

Some suggestions about how to run without music, though, would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Long Run!

This morning, I whipped out my last long run before the half marathon!

12 miles!!!! I did a 13.1 mile run almost a month ago, but I think 12 miles is plenty a little over a week before my half marathon.

To reward myself for all my hard work, I purchased myself one of these little babies:

I have been running with my iPhone, but it's so bulky, 
and I'm sick of wearing an armband or having to buy shorts
with an interior pocket. 

I also refueled with some Starbucks treats!

Spinach, egg white, and feta wrap

Caramel Frappuccino-Sorry about the crappy image

I had dinner at Panera with two friends too!

Okay, well I'm off to finish off some work and hit the hey. I have to get up bright and early for my internship tomorrow.

What did you accomplish today?