Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love Me some Panini!

Okay, so here's what went down after breakfast today.

After showering and getting ready, I went with my dad to TJ Max and the grocery store. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything at TJ's. Bummer, I know. Actually, I found a pair of Coach shoes I absolutely adored, but they were $100 dollars. I tend to be kind of hard on shoes, so I couldn't see myself departing with my dear friend Ben Franklin for one pair of shoes. Although TJ's was a bust, I did have better luck at the grocery store. I got all of this for $26 and some odd cents:

I was actually surprised that my total came to just over $26 dollars. Why? you may ask. Well, my mom gave me exactly $26 dollars to get groceries. I didn't have any extra cash on me, but I did have a bunch of pennies. I think the people behind me in line were getting kind of agitated (and rightly so) as I kept popping pennies into the self-check out machine. I ended up running out of pennies and being 19 cents short. I was about to pull out my trusty debit card, but before I could do this, my dad came to the rescue and gave me a dollar. And for that I thank him.

After returning form my TJ's and grocery store excursion (exciting, I know), I decided it was time to hit the books. Although I'm not exactly sure what my plans are for the rest of the semester (because I need to focus on recovery), I'm still trying my best to keep up with my classes. I've been doing a pretty good job at this in most of my classes, but Spanish is a different story. It's just so hard, and it is really difficult to keep up with all the information when I miss class for ED appointments. Despite feeling lost in the class, I spent a good amount of time studying for it today. Below is a picture of my lovely spanish book.

I spent about almost two hours studying. Then I realized it was almost two o'clock and I hadn't had lunch yet (not good). So I finished studying, headed to the kitchen, and pulled out the new panini pan my mother got. For lunch I had a sliced chicken breast panini with FF mozzarella cheese, and dijon mustard. It was delicioso! I paired my panini with a Vitaminwater Zero and a Kashi pumpkin pie granola bar. This was my first time trying this particular Kashi bar, and let me tell you all: I'm in love! It was sooooo good. It definitely tasted like pumpkin pie. I also liked the crunchiness of the granola. 

Once I finished my lunch, I studied for spanish some more. Then before I knew it, it was five o'clock and time for my daily snack-a-roon-i! Today, I decided to have some Dannon Light & Fit vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries. This combo was pretty good, but I definitely prefer greek yogurt. I used to eat Dannon all the time, but after eating mainly Greek for the past month or so, Dannon definitely didn't live up.

After my strawberry snacketer, I kind of just chilled out and did a whole lot of nothing for about an hour. Then I got my behind in gear, and got ready to head out for my weekly sorority chapter meeting. At about quarter to 7:00, I left and had a lovely drive to the meeting. It was cloudy out, but the sun was setting over the lake, and it was just so pretty. I should have snapped a pick for you guys. Actually, scratch that; I was driving. It's probably not a good idea to fumble with my camera while operating a two ton vehicle. 
The sorority meeting went well, but I was happy to get home afterwards because dinner was waiting for me. Nothing that exciting.....just what I eat almost every night. A Smucker's Uncrustable with two Quaker chocolate rice cakes. Boring to most, but yummy to my tummy. Take a look at Mr. Uncrustable hanging with his two lovely chocolate ladies. 

Right now, I am watching the TV program "Life" on the discovery channel. I have to admit, I love shows like these. They are so simple, yet so calming, comforting, and beautiful. I'm not sure if I enjoy "Life" as much as I enjoyed "Planet Earth", though. Don't get me wrong...I love Oprah, but I think she is better at doing talk shows. 

Pretty soon, I'm going to make my self an evening snack. It will probably be popcorn and a Vitabrownie with Cool Whip. Then I'll probably call it an early night. This girl, right here, has a busy day tomorrow. Three classes, a sorority function, a therapy seshh, and lunch with a friend. 

Have a good night everyone!

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