Monday, June 14, 2010

I lost my camera : (

Yep, dumb ol' me here misplaced my camera somewhere. I think I may have left it at a friend's house over the weekend. Let's hope so! It's a real bummer, though, because I have tons of fun pics for y'all.

I'll keep this post short, because there's no pics.....and well, that's no fun. I just wanted to let you know, though, that I had an awesome weekend. There were bonfires, swimming, hot tubs, s'mores, movies, FRIENDS, and s'mores. Yep, you heard me right; this girl told Ed to screw off and ate some delicious s'mores!

This weekend also involved....let's call them adult beverages. I'll be honest with you all. I almost never drink. I really don't think alcohol is necessary to have fun. However, I was with some of my favorite girlies in the whole world Saturday night, and I just decided to let go. Ed usually tells me that consuming alcohol will make me fat, lose control, and will make people look down on me. Guess what I told ed. I told him to screw off! (Sorry for the not so nice language there) I had a great time, I woke up no fatter, I didn't lose control, and I bonded with my friends. Will I be drinking regularly now? Probably not, because I know I can have fun without alcohol, but every once in a blue moon when opportunity strikes, I'm not going to let Ed ruin my fun. 

Right now, I'm really nervous. I'm not sure if I made the right decision pertaining to a summer job. I was offered a job as a sub counselor at a summer camp on Friday. I had another job interview today for a different camp. I really want to work at this camp, but I won't find out if I get the job until the end of the week. The problem: training for the other camp starts Wednesday. Earlier today, I was at a complete loss as of what to do. After some serious thinking, I decided the best thing to do was be honest. I emailed the employer from the sub job and told him my situation. I said I would be willing to go through training and continue with the job if I don't get offered the other job. I'm not sure if it will help my situation at all, but it can't hurt. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Well, that's all I have to say. I promise I'll start tracking down my camera, so I can hit you up with all my eats and such. After all, this is a food blog : )

Have a good week everyone!

By the way, what does everyone have going on this week? Anything exciting? Challenging? Completely insane?


  1. I have the same fear about alcohol! But I have been assured many times that splurging on alcy once a week will not affect my weight and it's so true. Plus, it can be really fun =) Good job for not letting ED get in the way. Good luck with the job

  2. Thanks : ) I checked out your blog, and from the sounds of it, you are doing really well recovery wise! Keep it up. You're an inspiration girl!