Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hello Blogworld!

First off, I have to be honest; I haven't been taken pictures of my food lately. I've been super busy lately. Between work, appoitments, kicking my dad's behind at poker, and spending time with friends, snapping pics of my eats has been the last thing on my mind. Sorry guys. I'll get back on the snap-shot track very soon : )

Anyways, things have been pretty good in the world of Kristy. I've been working the last couple days and attending appointments. I think I'm doing really well recovery wise or at least that is what my nutritionist and therapist are telling me. I had an appointment with my nutritionist today. She did weigh me, but unfortunately her computer was dead, so she couldn't tell me wether or not my weight was still heading in a positive direction. She's going to send me an email.

Back-tracking to last weekend....I had an awesome time with my best friends. We got together, packed our lunches, and headed up to an area known as Bristol Falls. It's basically this section of river that is full of small waterfalls, natural pools, and clifs to jump off of. The place is absolutely breath-taking and a great place to spend a day swimming and sunbathing with friends.

It was a nice day, so of course the falls were crowded. 

Despite the clouds, it was such a pretty day!

Anyways, we spent a few hours there, eating, swimming, jumping, and tanning. Then we headed into the local town to get creemees! Good thing this lactose intolerant girl packed some lactaid in her bag...haha. Ed was telling me I didn't need a creemee, but I told Ed to screw off and proceeded to enjoy ice cream goodness with mi amigas!

The water was cold by the way. 

Me : )

As the afternoon turned into evening, we headed back to one of my friend's house to barbecue. We ended up having, chicken, corn on the cob, and toast. When my friend was preparing the chicken, Ed was having a hissy fir because she used so much olive oil. I decided that olive oil was a healthy oil, though, and that the extra calories would only do me good. I even put some butter (granted, it was light) on my toast! Go me!

By the way, I totally asked some random dude to snap this picture
for us...haha

Okay, you are probably all wondering why I titled me post protection. For any of you wondering, it has nothing to do with condoms or anything of that sort. Instead, it has to do with protection for one's self. The other day I was talking with my therapist about weight gain. During our discussion, she brought up a really interesting point about how a layer of fat acts as protection....and not just in a physical/literal sense. She explained how our bones are almost at the base of our essence. They not only hold us up, but they also protect all of our vital organs, including our heart. When people with eating disorders become emaciated, their bones are sticking out for everyone to see. In other words, the essence of our being is visible to everyone. When we put on some healthy weight, though, they are hidden, so we can keep some things to ourselves. Did I make any sense at all? I hope so because it's definitely an interesting way to view weight gain.

Master Chef!


Umm...someone needs some salmon grilling lessons. Good thing
I don't like salmon. 

What are your guys' views on recovery weight gain? What are some benefits/ positive ways to view it? I can think of a dozen different benefits. How about you?

By the way, it's almost hump day!!

Love you all!

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  1. Hey girl, just found your blog :)

    I won't sugar coat it- weight gain is hard. And no one method/therapy works for everyone. The breaking point for me was when I had a seizure due to dehydration, low sodium levels, and low blood sugar. It was so scary, and I went home that night with an entirely different mindset about food. I needed to eat if I wanted to stay out of the ER. And the seizures (I had 2 more) were a constant reminder of that. Now a year later I am seizure-free, at a healthy weight, and happy. I wouldn't wish what happened to me on anyone, but just know that it CAN and DOES happen- I wasn't even "clinically" underweight but it happened to me. Stay strong, and don't let ED tell you how to live. Listen to your body, and enjoy your life to its fullest.

    <3 C