Friday, August 12, 2011

Looking Forward!

Happy Friday everyone!

To recap yesterday, I spent a lovely day doing my own thing for the most part. I biked to and from the gym (15 miles total) and did a NROLFW workout (I'm almost finished the first stage!). I then spent the afternoon at Barnes and Noble, which is one of my favorite places ever. I came home to enjoy a dinner made by the momma (veggie pizza!) and finally went to a sorority meeting. This morning I cranked out a 5 mile run.

Anyways....on to what I want to talk about today....

Just like the rest of the blogging world (and almost everyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere), I am pretty sad that summer is coming to an end. I'm not going to dwell, though because I really do have so much to look forward to as summer ends. There are so many amazing things that are going to happen today, this week, this month, this fall, and this year!

Here are just a few things I'm looking forward to...


Shopping and dinner with the momma...
Shopping cures all : )

Drinks and laughs with one of my best friends...

This Week

Seeing The Help this weekend...
I loved am completely obsessed with the book! 
I hope the movie is good. 

Working at a scrap booking camp for the week...
I worked at this camp last year. It's a little bit slow paced/mellow for me. 
It's so cute to see kids scrapbook, though!

A road trip to Long Island and NYC with one of my best friends to see another one of my best friends....
I'm leaving next Saturday. Ed is not invited. I will be enjoying 
myself and some of my favorite foods on this trip!

This Month

A trip to the fair with friends...
Will I encounter some fear foods? Most likely. Will I have fun in 
the process? Most definitely!

Spirit week for my sorority....

Seeing all my friends as they come back to school...
Definitely my favorite part about school!

Returning to my school year job....

I work at an after school program. Yearly training
starts the day after I get back from Long Island. 

This Fall

Sorority Recruitment...
This was a blast last year!

Running a half marathon...
I'm following a training plan and have a few friends interested
in doing this with me. More on this to come...

A 12 mile obstacle ruck with friends...
A 12 mile ruck through mud and over/under obstacles with good 
friends. Yes please!

New England is so beautiful in the fall. I can't wait for 
my long runs this fall. 

Cider Donuts...
Best creation ever!

This Year

Student teaching this spring...
This spring, I'm returning to my old elementary school to student
teach in a kindergarten classroom. I'm so pumped!

Coaching Girls on the Run....
I've known about this program for a long time and have
finally taken the initiative to get involved and be a coach. 

A trip to Europe!
One of my best friends and I are seriously thinking 
about going to Europe at the beginning of next summer. At
Barnes and Noble yesterday, I picked up this boo and have 
had my nose in it constantly ever since!

Truth be told, I hate change. I hate it when one season ends, and another one begins. I hate transitioning from being busy to having a lot of time. I hate going from working full time to going to school full time. Without change, though, life would be boring and there would be much less to look forward to. Although change is scary, it allows me to experience so many different things! I can't wait to share everything with you this year!

Have a great weekend!

What are you looking forward to today? this weekend?  this week? this month? this fall? this year? 

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