Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello ladies (and gentleman)!

I was planning on doing a WIAW post today, but I didn't snap any food photos today. Sorry about bad. Epic fail.

Next week, I promise will try my darndest (yep, that's a word in my vocabulary) to do a WIAW wednesday post. I think it is an awesome party and I definitely want to jump on the ol' band wagon more regularly. I've just been so busy with work the past two weeks. I have a lot of exciting plans in the work for the end of this week and next week, though, so I think I want to do an "out of the norm" WIAW post of sorts.

Speaking of work, this is my last week. Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Although I'm definitely looking forward to some free time and sleeping past the wonderful hour of 5AM, I love my kiddos and I also love my routine. I have most of next week off (not Monday) and have some plans with the family and friends. Then I actually am working at another camp for a week. So...technically it's not my last week of work. It is however my last week working as an assistant director working at the camp I've been working out all summer. I don't want it to end, but change is a good thing. I just keep having to tell myself that. 

Anyways, my posting will probably be pretty sporadic over the next few days (and actually into next week).

I'll be pretty busy because I have some fun plans in the making....

Staff dinner tomorrow night...

Possible staff party on friday night....(Have to push myself to go to this--if it actually happens that is)....

Trip to Six Flags with the momma.....

Lunch and dinner dates with friends.....

A possible trip to Canada to see Brittany Spears and go out after....(Unlikely because I'm trying to save money, don't have a ticket and would have to buy one separately from my friends who already have theirs, am not a huge fan of Brittany, and to tell the truth, it's a big push out of my comfort zone.) We shall see...

And two weekends from now, a trip to NYC with one of my best friends to see another bestie!

Lots of fun plans as you can see. I'm trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and stay busy now that my main summer job is coming to an end. Often, when I have a lot of time to myself I tend to have a lot of Ed thoughts. I don't want to let Ed consume my vacation time. I want to enjoy it because it's VACATION! Duh!
Sorry for the half ass bum post. I'm just super tired and failed on the picture front.

Happy Hump Day!

Any fun plans in the making for the end of the summer? 
Is anyone else dreading the end of summer like I am? 

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