Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strange but true

Hello lovely bloggies!

Happy Hump Day to everyone!

Today, I wanted to share some of my weird food addictions with you all. Although I eat a relatively healthy and "normal" diet for the most part, my eats and food habits due veer to the strange side a bit.

So what strange foods am I lovin'?


This is my go to condiment. I use it in massive quantities and put it on food that most people think ketchup doesn't really go with. 

Macaroni, salads with beans or a veggie burger mixed in, pasta, stir fries, shame, no shame. 

Confession: I've actually brought a bottle of ketchup to a fancy pizza place before because I knew they didn't have any. Although I received some stares from people when I whipped the bottle out of my purse, it was definitely worth it. Ketchup makes pizza so much better!


Oh my gosh! I love cinnamon. I put it on peanut butter and honey sandwiches, mix is in with greek yogurt, put it in coffee. I love the warm, spicy kick it gives to foods!

Peanut Butter

I could not live with out this gooey, sticky, deliciousness in a jar. It's safe to say that I eat at least three to four tablespoons of peanut butter a day. I mix it into oats and yogurt, put it in sandwiches and wraps, and  top bagels and toast with it. My pantry is filled with about ten jars of assorted brands and flavors. My favorites include Teddie's smooth and PB & Co. Mighty Maple....yumm!

Chocolate Calcium Chews

Okay, I know, I know....this is more of a supplement than a food, but I love chocolate calcium chews. I take the maximum dose--three per day because I love chewing the chocolate goodness!


Oh Lord, I chew an unhealthy amount of gum. I'm pretty sure I go through more than a pack a day : / I originally started chewing a lot of gum during the worst of my eating disorder. I would chew gum instead of eating to keep hunger at bay. Even though I eat enough food now and try to stick a healthy, well balanced diet, I can't kick the gum habit. My mouth is just always looking for something to do. I would love any tips you all have to start chewing less gum. 

Truvia/Artificial Sweeteners

This is another food (if you can consider it that) I consume too much of. I always mix truvia into greek yogurt. I also sweeten my iced coffee with a few too many splenda packets. I know this stuff isn't good for you, but it is another habit I can't seem to let go of. 


No, I'm not related to Popeye the Sailor, but I sure do love my leafy greens! I love spinach as a base in my salads, as a filler in my sandwich, and as an extra in my pasta. However, I'm not so sure I'll ever jump on the green monster bandwagon. I'm just really picky about not drinking my vegetables. I have mad respect for all of you that drink them daily, though!

There you have it--all my strange food addictions...some healthy....others eerrrr...not so much. 

Before I go, I just wanted to share with you all that I spent all weekend with my sorority doing formal recruitment. We acquired twenty lovely ladies I can now call sisters!! I'll leave you with some pictures from the weekend: )

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of all our lovely new ladies : (

What are your strange food addictions?
Do you have any tips to kick a chewing gum habit?

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