Monday, July 25, 2011

Magic at the Movies

Happy Monday everyone! And, no that isn't an oxymoron.

Before jumping into today's post topic, I wanted to thank everybody for sharing their advice and experiences with wordpress. I think I'll definitely make the switch. Sorry, blogger. I probably won't "move" though for another couple weeks when camp is over and I have some more time on my hands. 

Moving on..yesterday I grabbed a quick bite to eat a local deli with a friend (no pictures....sorry : ( ) and then headed to the movies to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II for the second time. Yes, the movie is definitely good enough for a second viewing. I really wanted to see Winnie the Pooh, but I couldn't convince my friend (or anyone else for that matter) to see it with me.

Such a good movie....the books are way better than 
the movies, though...just sayin'

Personally, I love the movie theater. There's something magical about dropping $10 to get in, and an additional $4 dollars for a bottle of water (I'm not sure why the theater won't let me help the environment and bring in my own bottle), and occasionally, drop $3for small bag of m&ms or $4.50 for a kiddie popcorn. Honestly, I don't mind, and I'm usually quite the tight wad. 

I really love the feeling of walking into the lobby, smelling the over-buttered popcorn, and knowing that I can forget all my problems (however significant or trivial they may be) and immerse myself in a different world if only for a few hours. 

It gets even better as you enter the theater, find the perfect seat (2/3rds of the way up) and wiggle your way through the crowds of people to sit down.


Then come the previews, which are by far my favorite part of the movie. I hate it when I'm running late to a movie and someone tells me, "don't worry, you'll just miss the previews." Trying to keep my cool, I step on the gas or start walking a bit faster because there is no way I'm paying $10 and missing the previews. 

Finally, the movie itself starts to play and I get all giddy inside! And when it's over, I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Sometimes, I'm surprised by how much I love the movie theaters because, to be honest, I have the attention span of a fish. I have a hard time sitting still and focussing on anything for two hours. I don't really watch much tv, and when I watch movies at home, I often get bored or ancy, and decide to open a book, check my email, read blogs, etc., and quickly lose track of what is going on in the movie. Thus, I become bored and quit watching all together. I am able to watch and enjoy movies at friends' houses, though, because I would look rather odd if I suddenly opened a book mid movie or brought and popped open my laptop I'm out of my normal environment. 

I do apologize if this post is kind of boring or random, but it's something I've been thinking about all day.  Besides, not much interesting happened today to report. Well, I did have to suspend a camper from camp for behavior issues, but I wanted to keep the post positive. 

Oh, I also had a good workout today (totally random, I know)

25 minutes elliptical
5 minutes stairmaster
NROLFW Workout 4B

Oh, and dinner was also a highlight of my day...
Whole wheat spaghetti with smart life fake meatballs (hidden under
all that sauce), natural marinara sauce, and a salad with ginger dressing

Have a good evening everyone!

1) How do you feel about the movie theaters?
2) Do you sneak your own food in? I admit it. I sometimes do, especially when I see a movie during lunch or dinner time. I'm sorry, but a bag of popcorn does not count as lunch. 
3) Nutrition aside, what's your favorite movie theater treat? Before ED days, I would have to say either the Sourpatch Watermelons or the Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough bites (grossly delicious!)

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