Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolite?? Choco-licious!!

Well, hello my fellow bloggies and bloggettes! First, let me apologize in advance for another (almost) post. I'm really trying to take pics of my eats, but it's finals week and let's face it: I have a bad memory. Okay, with that established, let me talk about my day.

For starters, I'm not a fan of the frigid temps. It only got up in the 50s today and yesterday it was snowing for crying out loud. And to that, I only have one thing to say: Dear Weather, it's May--not January, February, March, or even April for that matter. Snow is simply unacceptable. I want 70s and sun. Got it? Get it. Good!

Despite the rather frigid temps, I had still had a semi productive day. I woke up around 8am and had a yogurt mess for breakfast. I won't bore you with details or pics because it pretty much looked the same as the yogurt messes on my previous three or four posts. On a side note, though, I tried peanut butter bumpers in my yogurt mess yesterday morning, and I must admit that they were pretty good. I probably won't be substituting them for my usual GoLean every morning but most definitely a few times a week for a nice change up. 

After breakfast, I showered and headed back to school to drop off my history final (paper). I was glad to hand that 12 page beast (not that long...I know) to my professor and be done with it. Afterwards, I headed over to the on campus childcare center to do a preschool child observation for my child development class. Although the observation itself wasn't that interesting, a little boy I interacted with before made my day. When I was looking for the sign in desk, this little, five? year old by took my hand and in his own words, "tooked me there" (so cute) and then kissed my hand when we arrived. What a cutie! A little young for me--I know--but he is definitely going to be someone's Prince Charming someday.

Once I did the actual observation, I am happy to say I completed the accompanying paper right away. While typing away, I drank a Muscle Milk Light--not my favorite morning snack, but definitely a convenient way to get the cals in. And let me suggest that the makers of Muscle Milk should consider changing it's name to Brain Milk, because while sipping that baby, I managed to crank out a 10 page paper in about an hour and a half. Yep, you heard that right; no procrastination here!

With my paper out of the way, I headed home to have me some lunch. I decided to try a new lunch option on my meal plan today and had a Western Alternative Bagel with light Laughing Cow Cheese, reduced fat Keebler Club Crackers, no sugar added Jello Dark Chocolate Pudding, and a sliced apple with cinnamon. Wow, that's a mouth-full (no pun intended). Really, though, it was a lot of food even though the cal count was right were it needed to be. Well, actually that is a little bit of a white lie; I was supposed to have another laughing cow with the crackers. After seeing how full my plate was, though, I couldn't use another laughing cow. (Yes Ed, you one this time...get over it!)

During the afternoon, I also baked some chocolate cookies for my dadio and went to Homegoods and bought two new bowls. I may add picks later, but I'm just too lazy to get off my bum, find my camera or phone, and snap some picture-oo-nies at the moment. Sorry loves. Let me assure you that they are cute, and as a bonus, the two of them only set me back $5.83--Cha-ching!

Okay, now on to the highlight of my day. Well, about a week ago, I ordered a bunch of food online, and the package arrived a few days ago. One of the things I ordered was Chocolite Protein Bars and today I finally got the chance to try one as part of my afternoon snack...the peanut butter variety. Let me just tell you that it was heaven in bar form. It basically tasted like a peanut butter twix. It was a little less crunchy and more chewy. To sum, it up--it was A-M-A-ZING!

Moving on...I just finished a game of Mario Party with my dad, and I am happy to say I kicked his along with the two computer players' (Peach's and Wario's) behinds. Yep, I won!

Now, I'm about to have dinner, watch Little People Big World, and eat an evening snackarooni! Tough Life...I know! Really, though, I need to find a job. The semester isn't even over yet (technically), and I am already bored. Sigh. Well, I guess this chica will be poundin' the pavement soon. Oh, I did work on my pathetic resume today. That's a start.

Before I leave you all, I just want to briefly tell you about yesterday a.k.a Mother's Day. I ended up having a really good day with the mama. In the morning, I took her to this mother daughter thing that my sorority was hosting. She enjoyed it a lot, and I have to admit that I did too : ) I also ordered her flowers and balloons that came yesterday afternoon. For the price, the flower arrangement was rather dinky. I called the place I ordered them from last night and they assured me that they would send a bigger bouquet today, but it's almost 8pm and no boquet......oh rats! Well, someone will be getting a nice lil' call from me in the morning. Anyways, my mom also liked my card and what I wrote. She even started to cry while reading my card. Oh, I love my mommy! To finish out Mother's Day we rented and watched Leap Year. Even though the movie got bad reviews, I thought it was cute. Predictable? Yes. Still worth it? Definitely! Additionally, it was my mom's kind of movie. What did you all think of Leap Year? Have you even seen it?

Okay, well I'm going to let you all go, but I'll talk to you soon!

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