Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hey peoples,

I bet the title of this post has you all turning your heads or just thinking "Ewww...gross; this girl eats pigskins." Well, no....I'm glad to say I'm not that weird. I'll explain the title of the post more in a little bit. First, I want to give a little recap of my day.

I woke up at 8am this morning after an okay night of sleep. I woke up on and off all night last night.....annoying I know. It was all good, though. You know why???? Yep, you guessed it. I got to devour a ballin' yogurt mess this morning. My yogurt mess consisted of a container of brown cow plain greek yogurt, 'lots of cinnamon, 2 Tbsps of peanut butter 2 (omg...I love this stuff), 3/4th cup of Kashi Go Lean, and a nanner-bannaner all sliced up. Oh yea, and of course I mixed this baby up because they call it a yogurt MESS for a reason.

I meant to take a picture after I made it, but my tummy was rumblin', so I didn't end up snapping a pic until half way through the bowl of yumminess.

By the way, I'm sorry about the phone pics. I have a camera, and I should use it, but truth be told: I'm kind of lazy in the technological department. Sorry : (   I'll start using my camera soon. I'll also start snapping more pictures of my eats for y'all. I just have been really busy with exams and all.

Speaking of exams, I had my first exam today: child development. I studied pretty hard for it (i.e. read each chapter like 10 times), but some of the questions were tough. Personally, I felt like a lot of the questions were subjective even though they were multiple choice. Does that tick anyone else off? When teachers give multiple choice exams where each question has more than one possible answer (but only one is right)? Okay, now I'm just rambling and getting confusing on you all. I apologize. Moving on.....despite the ambiguity of the questions, I think I did pretty well on the exam. The essay questions were super easy, so that section of the exam will boost my grade.

Oh, I forgot to mention that before the exam, I drank kefir for my morning snack. This was my first time drinking kefir and it may be my last. I mean I didn't find the taste offensive, but I thought it just tasted like an okay bottled yogurt smoothie. Also, the sugar content was really high....over twenty grams for an 8 oz bottle?? No thank you. (I realize that Ed may have been talking a little there). I don't know; maybe I just need to try a different kind or try blending/mixing kefir with something else. Any thoughts?

By the way, the above pic isn't mine. I got it online--gotta love google images....haha! Also, I drank an 8 oz bottle--not the ginormo bottle shown in the pic.

Anyways, after my exam, I met two of my guy friends for lunch. I ate half of a turkey sandwich. The cafe at my school makes huge sandwiches. I told that to my nutritionist, so she agreed that it was okay to only eat half of the sandwich. I also had a strawberry Nutrigrain bar. Personally, I feel like these bars aren't all that healthy because they contain a lot of sugar and artificial crap. My nutritionist doesn't think they are that bad, though, so I am trying to eat them every now and then. They taste pretty good, so maybe all that sugar isn't so bad after all.

After lunch, I threw around the pigskin (aka football)...hence the title of the post. Despite my scrawny arms (yes, Ed my arms are scrawny--not fat), I can throw a pretty nice spiral. The guys I was playing with were pretty impressed....haha! I actually had a pretty good time playing with them. Too bad the sunny skies turned grey and it started poring twenty minutes after we started throwing the ball around. Oh poo : (

I thought about going to the gym this afternoon just to weight lift (not do cardio), but at the last minute, I decided not to. My doctor, therapist, and nutritionist have all told me that I am not allowed to exercise. I'm not really sure if light weight lifting counts as exercise, though? What do you gals think? Whatever the answer, I decided not to anyways. I think I should talk to my doctor first. I do have to say, though, that  not being able to do anything (active) is really frustrating. I feel like I am eating all this food for energy, but I am not able to use any of it. You know what I mean?

Deciding not to exercise, I made a trip to a local organic grocery store and picked up a bunch of goodies. I forgot to snap a pic again (sorry), but some items purchased include greek yogurt, peanut butter bumpers, Nature's Path crackers, Snyder's individual pretzel packs, and organic cinnamon apple sauce....yummy in my tummy!

After spending way too much time in the store, I headed home and made me a lil' snacky poo. A piece of whole wheat toast with a laughing cow wedge (spread on the toast of course), topped with cinnamon. It was a yummy snack that was sweet and savory at the same time. I also munched on an apple.

For the last hour or so, I've been acting like a bum by--well--sitting on my I watched today's episode of Rachel Ray, which I tivo-ed (is that a verb?) and read a lot of your lovely blogs.

Oh Rachie...ya know I love ya'!

Now, I'm about to make dinner. Something easy for sure....probably peanut butter and jelly, with pretzels, and apple sauce. Sound good? I think that would be a yes. Then I'm going to watch Grey's tonight while snacking on some greek yogurt with a crushed up chocolate vitatop. My belly is going to be having a party tonight!

Oh, before I leave you all (I know you are thinking this post is never going to end....sorry), I just want to briefly talk about my birthday. To put it simply, it was really nice. I spent time with both friends and family. I also got a lot of lovely gifts--the majority from my parents (they go overboard every year). I think my favorite present is a tiffany's necklace I got from my parents. It is a heart necklace with an aquamarine stone (see pic below) I also got other good stuff, but birthdays are about celebrating life--not the presents.

I also went out to dinner last night with my rents. We went to this nice restaurant, and I had a large salad, teriyaki chicken, and a baked potato. I ate all of the salad and chicken and half of the baked potato. Take that Ed! No regrets either. Great birthday!

Okay, I'm done writing my book post for today. Have a lovely evening everyone (if anyone is reading)! Any fun plans?

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