Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunshine Lovin'

Hello fellow bloggers!

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, but I've been pretty darn busy. What have I been up to? Well, I have been substitute teaching A LOT this week. I subbed for 2/3rds of a day monday, a full day Wednesday, and this morning. I really like subbing because I enjoy working with kids, the hours are flexible, and I am planning on being a teacher! I subbed for middle schoolers all this week, and honestly, I prefer working with younger kids (they're just so dang cute!), but I made the best of subbing for the middle grades. Middle schoolers always try to take advantage of subs, and they especially like to give me a hard time because I look really young? I swear that almost every student asked me how old I was and then gave me a puzzled look when I said I was twenty.

One day this week, I was subbing for 6th graders. In the afternoon, the superintendent came into my classroom, came up to me, and asked "Hun, where's your teacher?". I was thinking, "Seriously, I know I look young, but do I really look like a 6th grader?" I think not. I guess it's good that I look young for my age, and it is something I will appreciate when I get older, but being mistaken for an 11 year old kind of irks me a bit. I have been told that I may look older when my weight is restored. This should provide some motivation to put on the poundage, eh?

Anyways, I also caught up with some old friends this week. On Sunday, I spent the day with one of my good guy friends from high school. He's always had a huge crush on me, but I don't like him. Sometimes it's awkward hanging out with him because of this, but I think he knows we are never going to be an item and has accepted our relationship as just friends. Here's a picture of us at the lake:

My friend set the timer on his camera, but didn't quite make it back
up to the tree in time for the pic...haha

On Tuesday, I had my weekly appointment with my nutritionist. Not much news here. Weight went up a bit (no idea how much) and I got a slight calorie increase. After my appointment, I caught up with two of my best girlies from high school. We went to lunch at this lovely little sandwich shop. I had a turkey sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread with a salad drizzled with honey mustard vinaigrette. The food was good and there was a lot of it (and I mean a lot!). I wish I would have taken a pic for you all, but I didn't want to whip out my camera in front of my friends. They know I have an eating disorder, but I don't really talk to it about them. They don't know I have a blog either. I'm glad ED didn't get in the way of our afternoon, though. After lunch, we looked around shops in the area and went to Starbucks. It was too early for my afternoon snack, so I didn't get anything (I wasn't hungry anyways), but I had a great time sitting out in the sun with my ladies.

Speaking of the sun, the weather has been gorgeous here lately. With the exception of yesterday, it has been hot and sunny all week. This afternoon, I had nothing better to do, so I sat out for almost the whole afternoon, soaking up the late-spring sun, reading The Last Song, which is a ballin' book by the way. I just started reading it yesterday, and I am already 250 pages into it. I can't wait until the movie comes out on DVD, so I can watch it : )

Inspired by the awesome weather today, I took a little walk around my yard, and snapped some pics of what mother nature had to offer. I was surprised that I actually entertained myself for over a half an hour just by walking around my yard and taking pictures. Here are a few of the pics I snapped:

Mama's beautiful flowers; she's such a gardner!

Big a** maple tree in the front yard

Glass thing in the flower garden

My pup in the grassless side of the backyard (despite the sunny
appearance, it's in the shade, so grass doesn't grow there : (  )

Butterfly (in the momita's veggie garden)

Okay, this was taken inside, but the lilacs came from 

Okay, I am sure you all are getting sick of me rambling, so I'm going to hit you up with some food pics. All of the food shown was eaten sometime over the past four or so days. And, don't worry; I've eaten more than this, but I didn't feel the need to take a picture of every little morsel I put in my mouth. Note: Some of the pictures were taken with the cellie while others were taken with my camera.
A very early morning breakfast eaten in the car on the 
way to subbing-Nature's Path Optimum Energy Bar of 
the peanut butter varitey (this was sooooooo good!) and a 
'nanner, just chillin' in the center consul. 

Afternoon Snack-Clif Z Chocolate Chip Bar with sliced apples 
and cinnaninominnnnn (I know the spellings wrong, but it's so
fun to say that way!)

Remainder of another afternoon snack-whole wheat english muffin
with Laughing Cow Light Swiss Wedge and cinnamon

Yapplesauce with pretzels (eaten as part of dinner)

Typical breakfast--Brown Cow Plain Greek Yogurt, Kashi Golean,
PB2, a banana, and a bunch of cinnamon......yummy in ma' tummy!

Dessert Yogurt Mess--Chobani Greek Vanilla Yogurt, Deep 
Chocolate Vitatop, and P.B. & Co. Mighty Maple Peanut Butter
(it's hiding)

One of the best afternoon snacks all week--Jello Sugar Free Chocolate
Pudding, PB2, and Nabisco Graham was freakin' delicious.
I do have to say though that the pudding was a little thick to serve as a 
powdered peanut butter base (it was hard to mix). Next time, I may add 
some water to the pb powder ahead of time. 

My lunch from today--Fiber Gourmet Rotini, Tribe Roasted Red
Pepper Hummus, red pepper flakes, and organic peas (pre-mixage) 
with Barbara's Rite Rounds and a sliced apple with what else
but cinnamon...'twas a good lunch indeed!

Well, I'm going to wrap up this post. I could go on forever, but I don't think anyone would appreciate that. I think I may go to the grocery store and find some type of ice cream treat to enjoy on this hot afternoon. Then tonight is the season finale of Grey's......AHHHHHH!!!! It looks soooooooooooooo good; I can't wait! As for my agenda tomorrow, I have plans to go downtown and shop with my best friend, and then I have therapy in the evening.

Best couple evahhh!

See ya lata' alligataas!

Wait, don't leave yet! I actually wrote this post up a few hours ago, but I didn't post it. Since then I have been to the store to get ICE CREAM!!!!!!! Well, actually I got soy ice cream--Turtle Company So Delicious Mini Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches. I contemplating getting real (as in dairy) ice cream sandwiches, but dairy and I haven't been BFFs lately, especially with my tummy, so I'm trying to reduce my dairy consumption. Anyways, I had one of these soy babies as part of my afternoon snack. Here's a pic:

Tiny but de-freakin'-licious!

As amazing as the bar was, I needed to get more cals into my afternoon snack, so some more Barbara's Rite Rounds it was. I guess I can't get enough of these buttery round ceackers today, can I?

Be Happy! Get's a smiley Okay. 

Okay, well I'll shut up for real this time. I'm sorry for such a long and random post. I'm not sorry, however, that it's almost the weekend. I've been busy working (a.ka. subbing) all week. 

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. what does ur meal plan look like nowadays? proud of ya! keeps me going as well!

  2. Thanks Katie! I'll address my meal plan in my next post : )