Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yep, that's right; it's my 20th birthday people! I guess that means I no longer have an excuse to act like a dumb-ass or just like a two year old for that matter.

Not to be a Debby-Downer, but unfortunately my birthday falls right in the middle of exam week. I don't actually have any exams today, but I have a big child development exam tomorrow morning. You know what that means, right/ Yep, the library will be keeping me a lot of company on the twentieth anniversary of my birth!

Although I have been studying a lot today and will be studying some more, a girl can't spend her whole birthday in her library (no matter how many exams she has to study for). So, what does the rest of my b-day entail? Well, let me spell it all out for you gals:

-After studying for a few hours straight, I am currently catching up on all of your lovely blogs and writing a little post of my own.

-In about a half an hour, I am meeting a friend at a little cafe on campus to eat lunch. Even though I have had a turkey sandwich almost every day this week, I am craving one again, so I'm pretty sure my lunch will include a turkey sandwich. Sorry, know I love you, but you are just so dang yummy.

-After lunch, I'm going to go home and chill for a while (a.ka. be lazy).

-Then, it's present time...yay!

-Tonight, my rentals are taking me out for my birthday dinner. We are going to a nice, local, fancy restaurant. Part of me wants to stay home and eat food that I am food I am comfortable with for my birthday, but I know that is just ED taking, so I am going to enjoy my birthday dinner as much as possible. time?!? Probably not : ( Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a party every once in a while, and I definitely think my birthday is an occasion where a party is appropriate, but my early morning exam tomorrow means that this little chica is going to call it an early night.

Well, that's about all folks! I just thought I'd do a birthday post.

I hope everyone is making their way through exams alright. And for those of you already finished with your exams and enjoying the summer sun....I hate you. No, I'm just kidding. Let's just say I'm slightly envious. However, I am actually kind of sad/nervous for the semester to end. Although I am not at school all the time anymore (thanks to ED), I am really start to feel at home here and I enjoy the daily routine plus seeing my school friends every day. I guess I just have to adjust to my summer schedule, which hopefully will involve a job to keep me busy. And if not, I see a bunch of fun, lazy days with my amigos and mi madre. Sorry for all the spanish guys!

See ya later!

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